Poem By My Sweetheart

a poem from my heart for you honey

An angel was sent
From God up above
She came unto me
Like a beautiful dove

So loving and kind
So pure and sweet
I cried "thank you Lord Jesus"
As i knelt at his feet

Her beauty intoxicates me
I love her so much
I am putty in her hands
I melt at her touch

Our love is so deep
Our love is so strong
With her by my side
I can never go wrong

As i close my eyes
And dream of her kiss
My heart is so heavy
Oh sweetheart your missed!

For years i did pray
Thinking no one would notice
But God blessed me for eternity
With my darling wife Lotis

This is one proud man
That will devote his life
To my beautiful princess
Please honey, be my wife

I will love and cherish
Be steadfast and true
Oh my darling Lotis
I am so in love with you!

Please Lord make the days go by
For her kisses still linger
The day can't come fast enough
To put a ring on her finger

Only God can understand
This love in my heart
My Lotis how i love thee
Till death do us part

Be assured of one thing
Tho your so far away
My love for you grows stronger
With each passing day

For my wife Lotis
From your husband Jonathan
Thursday, March 16, 2006, 11:59:29 PM.

i love you honey

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