A Snake, A Snake and A Snake!

Sitting on a rocking chair on the porch and relaxing, and reviewing what has been done and to be done on the day. Terrible surprises! There was a snake on the ground few meters from us! Oh gosh I don't like snakes,and all those creeping creatures, scaly and hairy alike! Hubby said they're not of poisonous kind, and the first thing that came to my mind was "I will not go out of the house as much anymore".. My husband was chasing the snake, and it went to the bushes where Lady Gishi used to play under. Oh my.. Is that the same one? Oh my fears! There was another snake of the same kind that appeared out of the blue snaking their way in front of us! 3-4 foot long snakes, no matter how small, they can capture anything with their treacherous lengths. They're so close to us I shudder when I see their grayish flexible bodies. I was afraid the snake may come nearer and on our feet that I sit up on the window sill so they could not reach me if ever. After yelling to kill the snake, hubby terminated one with a shovel. He wanted my cat to catch the other snake! Oh my, Gishi might be bitten and be trapped with their body. But I made Gishi come out and look for the snake. She had a cute play there chasing the snake and we finally killed the other one. "What's the matter with Lady Gishi?" Oh my! She found another snake in the porch bushes! It is bigger than the other two, and gosh, it seems enough with my cat to have found the third snake so we kept up with the snake. It took us long time to capture it until hubby got his gun to shoot the snake, just at the very head! Oh my! There are so many snakes here. He said they're kind of king snakes, that are after rats, rodents and other creatures and wont bite us that they're called friendly snake. No matter how friendly, snakes are fearsome. Was kind of little guilty that I made him kill all of them, but I just couldn't stand having 3 snakes in the yard, much less, near the porch.. Three snakes in one day? Something is snaking on the ground here today. :-)

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May 5, 2007 at 8:16 PM

oh my gosh! I HATE SNAKES too. Pasayloon lang ko. nanindog ako balahibo dai oi. der s no such thing as friendly snake. atech! whoa!