The Soft Ball And The Stun Gun

Just want to write what has happened few hours ago which excited all of us here. My cat was panicking around, I wonder why, then I heard the door bell rung. Possibility 1: Mail lady/man. Last possibility, my mother-in-law, but it is unlikely. So when I get out of here to see who was it, I grabbed my stun gun, peek at the hole and open the door. A teenage girl whom I haven't seen before. Oh OK, she introduced herself: Tanner's girlfriend Morgan's sister. But these days anyone would pretend right, just to gain entrance to anybody's house. So I had made her call Morgan. Though she talked to her on the phone already, asking for the location of the softball, I was still hesitant. I was in dilemma whether to call my husband or not, since it's sleeping time and I know he is tired just to be disturb with a "trivial" matter. To my relief, my father-in-law called if anything was OK in the house for he saw a guy and a girl coming in and out of the car. So I made him get my mother-in-law to the house. The lady is really Morgan's sister and so she got the softballs. We just laughed in the end as I was still holding the the key and stun gun, at least not the little shot gun in the closet. But they understood it. After all, it pays to be defensively careful, right?

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