To Have a Flawless Fresh Look

one that will not look too much on you here are some tips:

1. wash your face and get lotion on it, the one that you have always used.

2. get your foundation all over your face tip a very light layer) spread it with a sponge for makeup.
3 use your concealer on the parts that you want to fix, like dark bags under your eyes, or if you have acne, you can hide it to.
4. wear your powder, or translucent powder, and apply it with a brush, (tip: rub the brush, and then take excess off by hitting the brush gentle on your hand.)
5. your blush! apply blush with a brush, ( follow like powder, but apply it only on your cheeks!)
5. do a light eyeshadow all over your eye.
6. do a darker shadow, just on the lower lid (the ones next to your eyelashes)
7. curl your eyelashes
8. apply eyeliner if you like, ( just a little bid on the lower edge of your eye, (above your eye bags)
9. apply mascara, ( open tube,and clean excess, rubbing it around edges.)
apply on upper lashes and lowers too for a high impact!
10. apply lip gloss or a neutral lip color.,

ready to go!!!
really hope you like this tips, and that you get to love doing your makeup, and feeling and looking pretty.

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May 22, 2007 at 6:46 PM

wow ha g-master jd ni nmu pg-ayu dai ha.:-)


May 23, 2007 at 7:18 PM

wow nice tips hmmm mo gwapa gyud ta ani dae.hehehe
thanx for sharing