A Week To Remember

So many things are happening this week. I might not be home but I am rejoicing with my family for the blessings they have in there and offer thanksgiving for all the good things we have and received. A bit late but my youngest sister who is "the fairest of them all" graduated from the college of nursing. She will be the second Nurse in the family next to my eldest sister, of whom we are proud. My sister who works in Dubai also went home and attended to her graduation, and with my husband's support, had undergone successful medical operation. We feel blessed as one of my sisters got her first van and so of the family. The 29th was Gaga's 22nd birthday, and yesterday was my dad's. God has been so good to our lives we can not stop giving thanks. It is kind of "I'm the only one who is not there" and they are having reunion; how I loved those times when all of us just gathered around lying down on bed and talked or even argued some. Five of us sister even my two brothers and mom, sometimes when at home, with my dad. Sighing; It's so fun to have many siblings! This week, I have been on the verge of something but I know He will take care of it since it will be used for His glory. As hubby told me, just have to be patient and trusting. It will be so great a blessing for our church and family then. I could never stop thanking God for giving me such a big-hearted man. He is flying to Qatar right now in business class just for the invitation to eat steak. God is good, ever more than good.

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May 31, 2007 at 8:57 PM

AH kadghan sa blessings dai.btaw tsada au ng mgcount ta sa blessings ky sa faet.hehehe.ako i'l try to live my life na counting the tam-is dan faet. ma-slim kog maayo ani ug ambaton ang mga abat.hehehe

ako 3 ako mga sis apan ako mn gd eldest mao lisud ako kahimtang ky kining naa pd koy pgka-krong2 hehehe. kalisud i-seryoso mao ako mga sis maglisud tuo nko.


May 31, 2007 at 9:24 PM

hehhe, jolly lang jud imo personality dai.. tama jud, lisod na mo slim ta tungod lang huna2 sa faet sa lipe (life :-D).. count your blessings jud ta ani para limot sa probs. enjoy ko huna2 sa reaction sa imo mga manghod, heehhe.

pero mutya jud sa blue moon? hastang ulana diri oi, naa na gud mga broken branches sa yard gagmay ra hinuon. la ko kita sa pagsubang sa rare na higayon. pirti nako guola kay ang ako iring naa sa kawanangaw pirti ulana. ni-gawas jud ko nagpayong pangita nako ako iring. luoy kaau basa kaau siya tua ra diay sa gawas sa gate sa backyard. basa sa ulan iya trip. luoy kau ko, la jud ko nahimutang. cge lang dai, naa na man pud "blue" moon sa 2008, witness ta ana, hehe.

  Utah Mommy

June 1, 2007 at 1:35 AM

Wow daghan diay imog blessings dae lots nag abot-abot.That's good though.Blessed jud ka kaayo so means palangga ka sa ginoo dae.
About sa moon inyong gihisgutan nakita jud na nako gabii ako pa ganing gikudakan hehehehehe.Dako kaayo murag mata sa owl nga gasiga.