And The Angel Flies

Come rejoice with me!!!!! :-):D Words cannot contain my heart’s exultation, gratitude and pride that expressing them in the blissfulness of the moment of rejoicing are not enough. If I am so happy now, how much more is my family back home Philippines? Yes, yes! Yes!! That something that I had been on a verge of these last few weeks is finally released today! If I could hug my angel right now I would not let him go off my embrace and soar high with him. God has been so much more.... than good! He works in wonderful ways we cannot see, and will always make a way for us. Though sometimes we judge things that happen the way they do, in the end we will always see the blessedness of God’s plan for us. I must admit I almost give in to the bad-feelings side when things seem not to favor us that I almost resigned from it. And I must admit too that it was because of hubby that I learned to trust it, and be patient. After all, it was not just for me, but it concerns him dearly too. And it pays off. Our house in Tagum City has its own story to tell. It is an average-sized house that I will always be proud to show off. After all, it is home. But it is really a beautiful and nice house. How did it come to be that lovely? “She” is mortgaged, against itself! Champagne and a goat are what we only asked of them to at least celebrate Monday. Hubby, a man who sees the burden of family even when you don’t show it, is paying it. Transfer was a success despite the events that has to go with it. We consider it a great blessing since we didn’t expect it. Some might be critical to this but then who cares? I never asked him or any of my family for him to do it, he’s just a big-hearted man who loves me and I love with all of my heart. But most of all, my happiness is derived from the fact that because of and through him, our church is being built, for, and all the glory to God. So rejoice with me! :-):-D

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June 15, 2007 at 4:20 PM

pagkawaffa gyud oi, nahan ko sa imong picture dinhi, presko pa kaayo, kanus-a ka maabot sa USA? Sige, take care, enjoy the two look great together..

  blue butterfly

June 15, 2007 at 9:15 PM

hello lady racs, thank you ha.. naabot ko diri October , 2006. 8months and 15 days na ko diri, dali ra dagan sa panahon oi, :) ty again ha. i added u to my list already. have a good day, be visiting ur site everyday.


June 17, 2007 at 9:09 AM

well this is an interesting story and let us thanks the Lord. Your blog is really interesting even if I can't understand anything about the other comments...
Ciao from Italy


June 17, 2007 at 11:56 AM

thanks. :) ' never cease to thank God.