Belly Dance Formation

It was hot on the dance floor today. We had our first and maybe final arrangement today for who will be on the front row and on the back row. I am in the middle :-) We had quiet a scene there. Glad I'm almost there, almost conquered it; it's just easy. So much fun dancing that time seemed so short again. Really enjoyed the class; got new friends while doing the shimmies. Mmhhmm, I feel so good. The whole class is doing great we are all perspiring, great exercises!

Mmhhmm, I didn't intend it to be like it, just wrote something about the book of the Grahams. I did not expect I would get new books because of that. Thank you mylove. :-* It's always a pleasure learning the secrets and advices of matured people. I like it. I love you honey. :-* :-)

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June 20, 2007 at 11:40 AM

WOW dae Lotis, belly dancing is a great exercise gyud....oyou go girl! belib ko nimo da kay kaya nimo, ako di gyud ko pwede ana kay gahi raba ayo ko llwas..... Share baya ang pics ninyo ha...want to see it.

Di diay ka SDA, or taga Gensan, basin mga relatives lang ni8mo, wink...waffa gyud oi, nahan ko sa alum ug kilay, ug overall beautiful gyud...