Do you call your parents by their first names?

Celebrity interview. An interview with myself, 2.
A little peek to my soul.

1. Does anyone know your password to your email?
Yes, my husband does.

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds?
Something for breakfast.

3. Are you an emotional person?
Yes, I am, but can be unemotional too when needed, hehe

4. Do you like your name?
I came to like after carrying it for as long as I have lived.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Love is learned, developed and grows. “Love at first sight” is not a real love, but good thing is that it can be developed into a real one.

6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?
Before. We feel jealous when we see any hidden agenda, but I learned to fight my way; on the other side, I’ve been cultivating to be happy for other’s gain.

7. What was the last thing you did @work?
The last thing I did in my last/previous work was to lay-off my men, sa construction, hehe, grabeng ka mga badlongon, gipangpapha nako oi. Hehe, gi-transfer lang sa ubang project.

8. Who is right next to you?
My companion, my cat Lady Gishi.

9. Who was the last person you ate with?
My husband.

10. What song are you listening to right now?
None. Was listening to “the Potter’s hand” a while ago.

11. How's the weather right now?
Pretty day outside. Been raining these last few day here.

12. Last person who called you today?
My mother-in-law, when I was talking to my husband on the phone.

14. Last song you sang?
Blue Bayou. I’m going back someday, come what may on blue bayou, nanana nanana, hehehe.

15. Last time you danced?
Yesterday. Practicing my belly dancing combination choreography.

16. Lost a friendship over something stupid?
If I lost them, then they’re not really my friends. I have not lost friends, much less on over something stupid, but we just have separate ways in life.

18. Last thing you ate?
Crawfish ettouffee, ready made, I just heated it up for my meal.

19. Been really depressed before?
Yes, but everything worked out for my good, after all.

20. Faked being sick to miss school?
Not really, just took advantage of a slight feeling, then that was it; my English teacher kept chuckling over my excuse letter, sayang daw ko.

21. What time did you wake up today?
10:04; I’ve been experimenting with my template, made it dance to my pleasure, slept so late. I’m not yet finished, hehehe

22. Current taste?
Not so much appetite.

23. Who is the person that posted this survey?
Eh. Si dai Ivy. Murag daghan xa source sa mga questions of this sort, hehe.

24. What are you wearing right now?
Jogging pants and small shirt, just a jacket more and am ready to mow the grass outside when the ground permits kay basi mangagisi ang yuta inig liko nako if humok pa ground. Hehe.

25. Are you too shy to ask anyone out?
No. Anyway, I will not ask, only when it’s my treat then who would be shy?

26. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
His leadership, but if not shown, it was the way he brings himself. But I have my husband now; i'm not looking at them in any way that way.

27. Where are you right now?
In the computer room of course, hehe, and inside the house too, hehe, jokjokjok.

28. What date and day is it?
I answer this today, Monday, the 4rt of June.

29. Did you go anywhere today?
No. But be going to town later for my belly dance class.

30. What did you do there?
Be attending my belly dance class.

31. How old are you?
Old enough to see the depth of life and what’s more important. But not old enough for the trees to grow on my back,

33. Are U mature/ immature?
Everyday is a learning experience. My mind is founded but still continue to grow. Just take that.

34. Do you call your parents by their first name?
My culture and family values taught me to call them as they are for me, i.e., respect their position and authority over me. If I ever call them by their names, it means I cut out the connection I have with them and establish a gap, I will be cursed by being so dishonoring and insulting them.

35. Are you an only child?
No. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. It’s a lot of fun to have many siblings!

36. Where do you go shopping?
Internet. But if we go to town, just to where the mood for store will be, just anywhere where quality products are sold.

37. Do you like books?
Yes, I like books, have been dreaming to write some someday. But don’t have much time for book reading these days. I will just let me cat do the reading, hehe.

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  Utah Mommy

June 4, 2007 at 3:28 PM

Enjoy ko sa imong tag dae.Thanks for sharing your thoughts!Godbless!


June 4, 2007 at 3:39 PM

thanx for answering the survey gwapa....hmmm enjoy ko ug read.

31. How old are you?
Old enough to see the depth of life and what’s more important. But not old enough for the trees to grow on my back...
kalawom ba ani..then kadaghan nimo books oi kita gyud ebidensya ba.
kung ako cguro mo basa ana imong gma books manudlot akong mata ug basa pero dli gihapon masulod sa utok ug unsa ang gibasa....gawas ug packet books bwahahah

happy monday! mwaaah