A Happy Father's Day


Father's Day




In response to Rainel's tag:

1. What is your father's favorite color?
He does not care so much about colors.

2. When was the last time you told him you love him?
Today. I called.

3. Your first gift for him?
Material gift, maybe it’s a shirt. My husband has just given him a very good gift, paying our loaned house. Hehe.

4. Describe his personality in 1 sentence.
Serious; funny. Does everything with precision.

5. His greatest dreams?
He wants the best in everything that he does; it must be a good house.

6. As his child, what have you done to make him proud?
My college graduation. He cried for pride and happiness.

7. Message for your dad.
What you’ve done to us will live forever in my heart, when times get tough, the ones I’ll most remember are your words of wisdom. I love you pa.

I have high respect for my father-in-law. I came on a four-wheeler to their house with the card I made and two roses I pruned from the garden. He has a happy father’s day.

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  david mcmahon

June 17, 2007 at 11:52 PM

... and all the way from Australia, a very happy Father's Day to all.