Instances When Cheating Is Forgivable

Celebrity interview with myself 3.
Tag from Rainel.

1. Are you smiling?
Yes, I am. But can be isnabera too, he he.

2. When was the last time you met someone new? And who?
Saturday. I met Ate Rose, a Pinay med-tech, in the house of another Pinay when I went with a Pinay, oh, puros Pinay ha.

3. Do you drink wine?
Yes. I love it in the hot tub with hubby.

4. Tell us when was the last time you were annoyed & why?
The other Sunday. Two people called that they’re coming to my house in 5 minutes, that short notice, lectured me on phone, grrr, and asked if I have and cooked chicken, he he, was just busy outside. When alone, I just cook when I like.

5. Did you ever say bad words like f*** etc.? When was the last time you did?
Not in a swearing way, ha ha ha.

6. Do you have any friends who are famous?
My friends must be famous in their own places, locally.

7. Last thing you do before going to sleep?

8. What is your favorite facial moisturizer? Using it now?
Let me see what I have here.

9. Besides your computer, what is your favorite gadget?
My digital camera.

10. How many divisions does your parent's house have? Kindly enumerate them.
Living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, verandah, that’s all, but it’s really a pretty house. How many how much in how many? ha ha, just count it.

11. Did you ever get drunk, to the extent you throw-up? How many times?
I don’t ever drink liquors, never ever tried, and glad my husband does not drink and smoke too, I'm so grateful for that.

12. Describe your dream bedroom, size, color of the wallpaper & furnitures, etc.
Just a spacious room with large windows over-looking a natural view, with light color mood, as long as I can feel fresh air, i’m ok with it.

13. Your most favorite part of your house?
Bedroom, my abode, the place I rest, and hide, hehehe.

14.How many hours you spend on computer everyday?
If I’m up to something, sukol ko mag-24 hours until I get it the way I want.

15. For swimwear, one-piece or two-piece?
Two-piece, hundreds of pictures of me in those, just for hubby, ha ha.

16. What gift (materially) you want to receive on your next birthday?
Let me see what is in my life list, lappy is next.

17. If you can afford, what luxury car you want to own?
Not much particular on car types (as long as maau ug dagan ha ha), hubby is, he knows what’s in.

18. The last time you bought underwear?
My husband is net shopaholic, keep buying me things, sexy things that is, just got package last week, and still a lot more under wears coming this week, ha ha.

20. Where did you meet your bf/gf/spouse now?
Or how I met him? By God’s introduction made possible by using one person for us to meet.

21. Do you believe that there are instances when cheating is forgivable?
If you have a big heart, all things are forgivable, and cheating is cheating, before that deceitful moment you always had the better option.

22. What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have? How much it cost?
Compare compare hehe. not sure now.
23. Do you own a boat?
You want to ride? My husband has one.

24.Your most favorite viand. (Just one)
Anything with monggos and kamuggay and tangad.

25. When was the last time you make love?
Let’s rephrase it; I love to make love every time. It will last. hahaha.

26. If ever, you'll be given the chance to run for a position, what would it be?
Chief Structural Engineer, but it's not "run", it will be reached.

27. Ever joined a beauty & brain contest? Specify.
No. But been to battle of the brains and quiz bees.

28. If you have to answer the unforgettable final question of Lara Quigaman, (Ms. International 2005) what will be your answer? "What do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted Filipinos as nannies?"
There’s nothing wrong in being a nanny, it’s a noble job to care for others’ children like your own, to show love they can’t do personally. Just the tone of that phrase “Filipinos as nannies” is negative, when in fact it’s not, just that there are still more good things that Filipinos contribute to the world.

29. Any particular thing you want to buy for you father/husband/bf this father's day?
Yes, but too confidential to mention, sorry, just have to blog it when fulfilled already. Promise.

graveh, daghan kaau ko assignment, naa pa ko isa answeranan dai.

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  Utah Mommy

June 5, 2007 at 12:12 PM

Again,i enjoyed reading your post dae Lots,another secret revealed hehehehehe.godbless & thanks for sharing!


June 5, 2007 at 12:29 PM

ganahan au ko sa imu tubag sa last time U make love dai. hahahaha.alam na while it naa pa jd kato usa na U use, f word but not in a swearing money.Is there any other way to use that word? hehehehe
Dai you made my day! Gsapot mn unta au ko today for no reason, duol na ngali ako periodic table.hehehe
Maayo unta naay tag nga pulos 'green' ang q I Love it jd dyaon hehehehehehe.


June 5, 2007 at 12:30 PM

nabuin swearing way, y man tawon money akong na type. pastilana lagi nig waz nako kapadala pinas pulos na lng money akong utok.hehehehehehe