The Oriental Dance

Since I'm alone, not quiet literally since I have my cat, half of the times, most of the Filipinas here think that I'm bored or homesick being "new" here. I'm still the "newest" one here despite being here for almost 9 months now. I'm just glad that I'm not, just have to teach myself for it's not easy to go back, and besides, this will be my home here. They've been asking what I do to keep me from being bored. Aside from blogging :D =) hubby enrolled me in the belly dance class. Does it sound like "ballet"? "Why you take ballet dance?" Hehehe. "It's belly, with matching pointing to my belly, not ballet." "Oh, ok." But I see much confusion in them. Well, if I could show them, here is the belly dance video. Let's dance!

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