The Poetic In Me

...I was once lost but now am found.... school bags lying around.... rain kisses are a retro bikini!..

I got these tags from Darlene and I had the drafts maybe three days already, but they're here now da.


1.Have you dated someone older than you?
Yes, I had. One was 6 months older than me, too young for a man for me then. Had some in certain place but they’re all younger than me. Sorry guys, it is not in my life list. Never dated that much, until I met my darling husband, just right for me.. :-)

2.Unforgettable high school memory?
Almost every noon break, my close friends/classmates with my leading would walk in the noon heat toward the almost 1.0 km far post office. That’s unforgettable. I got them mailing letters too, to different book authors and subscription magazines. Sighing, those were the days….

3. Ever hated someone so bad?
Yeah, so bad it took me long time to get rid of it. Unsaon man pud, when I wanted to make amends, the person would always do things that would really provoke me. But it was long over.

4.Have you ever failed a subject at school?
No. But I lost my scholarship by being 2 points below the required, huhuhu. Aggravating. That teacher was trying hard in his student life that he was making it up on us, crap was, we couldn’t contact him anymore for the college fired him.

5.When was the last time you said I love you and meant it?
Today, to my husband on the phone, though as always. Of course I mean it.

6.What's the last thing you purchased?
Perfumes for my siblings, and then I found out hubby just purchased some for me in Dubai. Smiling while sighing.

7.Longest phone conversation?
with my husband. But I admit bulak might have made it on the record, long talks on the phone.

8.Ever put lemon in your hair?

9.Stolen anything?
Childish adventures.

10.Had a crush on your neighbor?
I was in grade school, but it was just a few weeks span.

11.Lost a friend?
I think she’s kind of lost, but I don’t care enough to be affected, we’re just new acquaintance anyway. But I still have contact with her. No more contact with me. Never heard from her again.

12. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
Yes, with school bag lying around, with fellow school buddies in the afternoon sun, after climbing the trees we passed by along the way from school. hehe. Watching the clouds and all other beauty of nature brings out the poetic in me.

13.Felt an earthquake?
Many times, and will always be that scared.

14.Touched a snake?
Don’t recall, but I had eaten one.

15.Gotten in a car accident?

No, God forbid!

16.Had a party in your house while your parents were away?
No. And will not have one too unless my husband is around.

17.Used a fake id?
That’s terrifying, no.

18.Been lost?
Yes, but am found.

19.Kissed in the rain?
No, I just rain kisses on my husband.

TAG NO. 2:

You Are a Retro Bikini!

You prefer a bikini that's flirty and feminine, not flashy.
You look sweet and sexy - a rarity on the beach these days!

You Are Strawberry Kiss Lip Gloss

When it comes to life, you want the best of everything:
The best clothes, the best friends, the best guy - and you usually get all three.

You impress most people you meet with your genuine class and style
Strawberry is a classic, admired flavor that goes with many things. Sound familar?

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June 16, 2007 at 7:09 PM

hehehe sowe dai, mao na jd na akong tatak. bsan asa bsta naa lng jd telepono or cp 1 hour greetings ra jd na nko.hehehehe faet. i don't wonder anymore y my sis don't answer my calls. she'll just text me her alibis.hehehehe


June 16, 2007 at 8:32 PM

no problem na dai, basta la lang lain gibuhat, :D