Ruth Bell Graham

The headline says, "Ruth Graham buried at N.C. library". I didn’t know she died Thursday at age 87 following a lengthy illness. I don’t know her that much but I had read "Just As I Am" before. It is a biography of her husband the most famous evangelist Rev. Billy Graham. I enjoyed reading the book, especially the part of their courtship :-) and their lovers' correspondence there. One thing she said that I will never forget, in fact I kept quoting it to my husband, is that:

"It is better to rest awhile above the ground than to forever rest beneath it... But as far as your present usefulness is concerned, you might as well be, useful." - Ruth Graham
Isn’t that something? I left the book in the Philippines; wish I had it with me now. I don’t know if she had an autobiography also or any other book, but if she has, especially about being a wife, of a minister, I definitely would want to read it.

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