Sense Of The Ads

I can see this! So it is successfully moved to my new account! Moving my blog was successful despite the crawling access. One day, hopefully soon, we will figure what causes it. I finally get tired of my multiple email addresses that I want to make just one finally, or two at least. I deleted one already, anyway it’s a dummy, still one left to manipulate; at least it is getting organized.

This morning my mother-in-law and I went to a Yard Sale just near the house about 3-4 minutes ride. It was supposed to be opened to the “looking for cheap” eyes by 7am. Due to Sis, we made it at 6:34 in the morning that no one was around we wondered if the one we stopped to was the right place since there were no signs except the one far down the road. My mother-in-law always go on time, even so much before on time, hours before. It is good, but sometimes I can use the spare minutes with something else, and don’t want to end up waking up anybody, which we were “able” to do. But her instincts were right, we went to the right place, it was just way too early for the owners to open. So it was. Quiet few good things we bought. And we left early too, and maybe get back some sleep. I did not, but have a good day.. And speaking of good things today, so glad they go my way.

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