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Question questions. Interview.

1. Single or married?

2. Have kids? How many?
Not yet.

3. Ever kiss your bf/gf/husband/wife's lips in public? Where?
Yes, in the airport with so many people around, it feels like the world turned in slow motion and everyone else around disappeared. Very unforgettable moment.

4. Guilty of not liking someone's gift for U but still smiled and says 'it's very nice'? Be honest now ;-)
Not guilty. Yes, the gift is really nice in itself, but I don’t like it personally.

5. Any weird plan for the future? Confident enough to share what is it?
Not really weird, but it’s too early to share it yet.

6. Have dared to do something that makes you feel great after 'accomplishing the mission'?

7. Danced on the public & caught a lot of attention not because you dance gracefully but because your tipsy or drunk?

8. Ever cheated in your exams?
Yeah, it was in high school, every one else were, so it turned out to be open notes type.

9. Kissed a picture of a celebrity? Who?

10. Liked someone (in the past) that can't like you back?
I might have, but can’t recall it.

11. What you think is your greatest asset (physically)?
I don’t see it but because people say, I think it’s my eyes. I count my mole a great asset and my “power” hehehe.

12. Got a birthmark? Where?
Yes, since I have have it since birth.

13. Ever have a kissed mark from an ex?

14. Done some laundry lately?
Yes, yesterday.

15. What do you wear usually at bedtime?
Sleeping gowns, sometimes when alone, the big t-shirt hubby gave me when he first came to our house.

16. Ever been involve in shoplifting? When?

17. Seen a porn movie or read a porn mag?
Not a porn mag.

18. Earned money before the age of 18? (Either won a lotto, job, and prize...) If yes how & how much.
My cousin and I did laundry for a couple in the Bible School while on conference; it was more than 40 pesos. We were so young then.

19. What did you buy in your 'first earning'?
A 40-peso worth watch, weewewew.

20. Did you thank God today before you answer this tag?
Just said upon waking up.

tag from rainel.

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