The Sound of Music

7 songs that I am currently listening to.
Tag from Darlene wafa. Thanks da.

1. Onara, the Jewel in The Palace soundtrack.
2. Anne107, Anne of Green Gables soundtract, very nice sentimental piece.
3. Cherish, by Kool and the Gang, it’s just so nice.
4. Do That To Me One More Time, by Captain And Tennille. Very nice, hubby and I like it.
4. Edelweiss, Sound of Music Soundtrack.
5. You’ll be in my heart, Phil Collins
6. Anyway, Martina McBride, very nice song.
7. Amazed, by Lonestar. Very beautiful song. Our "theme" song, mwahhh..

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  Utah Mommy

June 5, 2007 at 1:36 PM

hahahahaha sowee kaayo dae nasaag akong comment hala nahubog na jud siguro ko dinawatay aning tagay hekhekhekehek.Anyway walay tagam ha?dawat lang kay dawat hihihihi.Godbless dae lots!