Things That I Love

There are many simple things in life that make us happy, and give us joy in each day, in fact it's the simple thing/s that is more meaningful, what makes life worth living and each day an adventure.

1. I love God.
Though I have fallen so far, I'm still a woman after God's own heart.

2. I love my Husband.
My partner in life.

3. I love my Family
the people closest to me, and also my new family, my husband's. As there is no place like home, there are no people like family, those that are of sound judgment.

4. I love my cat.
This sometimes-naughty feline have done so much to make my days occupied and funny and not lonely, she's a companion.

5. I love relaxation
lying on the ground, watch my cat, and just enjoy the late afternoon sun.

ooppss6. I love solitude.
I don’t mind to be in the crowd though, but I cherish my quiet time with myself.

7. I love reading.
Give me something interesting to read and I will do it straight. But sometimes I won’t finish if I quiet disagree with the contents.

8. I love to laugh.
Mind; if it’s really funny, just watch me laugh!

9. I love to cry;
sometimes I feel I need to cry once in a while, it always feels okay after tears come out.

10. I love being with matured people
and learn things from them.

11. I love writing
even before then. Now this web logging is an outlet, I still want to be a litterateur though.

12. I love smelling the roses.
It’s amazing, different colors, different fragrances.

13. I love pruning the roses
and learn to let go things that are still ok.

14. I love planting things and watch them grow
it’s a pleasure.

15. I love to sing
while cooking, while cleaning, while mowing, even while on the car that my mother-in-law was kind of wondering what she heard, it was just me humming some music, it just comes automatically, hhmm hhhmm, ha ha ha.

16. I’m interested in different kinds of wines
and also the ways of a formal social gathering once in a while.

17. I love flute music.
I love to play the flute. Music is relaxing to the inner self.

18. I love to massage my husband
and interested in the techniques, the more primitive the better.

19. I love to see different places around the world, ha ha ha.

20. I love spring
not so hot, not so cold.

21. I love fall.
and watch the different beauty the trees turn into.

22. I love belly dance
awakening the “goddess” in me, also intersted in ballroom dancing.

23. I love the countryside
see and be in the natural featuring beauty, feel the fresh breeze.

24. I love road trip
and see different things where else, but along the road, hehehe.

25. I love good country music and instrumental pieces
noisy sounds give me headache.

26. I love being me
the way I look, and the way I live!!!!! (Nesvita, hehehe)

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  Utah Mommy

June 7, 2007 at 2:43 PM

Salamat dae sa pagtubag sa tag.Gwapaha nimo sa pic dae oi mamords man hehehehe wow legs oa jud.
Happy thursday & godbless!


June 7, 2007 at 2:46 PM

ah pastilan project mn au inday lotis. wa na dodong athan nagpanila na jd tog way pahibalo.:-)