Visa For India!

Ilotis at gateway of indiareceived the application form for visa for India last night from the visa service and I am sending it now to Houston, FedEx has just picked it up. We are going to get my passport stamped with another visa. I am excited! I love to travel around! It will be a multiple entry type. The additional requirement for the visa applicants other than US Citizens is just a photocopy of resident alien/ temporary residence/ thumbs upemployment authorization card or a copy of approved US Visa petition. It's great! :-) ;)
A picture of me on Lonavala province (The Duke's Nose) and on the Gateway of India grounds June 9, 2006, I just realized it was just a year and five days ago. But I'll be back there soon! anyway.

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June 15, 2007 at 4:18 PM

wow, whtaa great life, sige lang laag... great phots, thanks for sharing..