My Parents' Blog

I grabbed an interesting tag about parents' blogs. My parents don't have blogs of their own, they don't have time to sit and blog. But if they will have blogs, what will they be all about? This is interesting indeed. Kind of a closer look of what they do and love, and it really makes us understand them more and appreciate things they do to keep them occupied and enjoy life, despite...

My Dad's Blog
It will be about work and work and work. It will be about his tile work and things related to construction. My father, 58, will not say much there but do more. It will be about electricity and also carpentry. It will also be about painting, fixing things, and almost about anything except driving. It will also be about his cell phone. And oh, also it will be about videoke; my dad loves to sing, so do I.

Sometimes we want him to relax for a while, but it seems, like hubby, they won't be peaceful if they don't do something in a day. It gives them energy for the day it seems. So if my dad will have a blog, it will be about manly works and pride.

My Mom's Blog
The Health Center, Barangay Midwife, City Health, and other stuff related to volunteering for health will be all about in my mother's blog. My mother, 51, is a barangay health worker who also works in the city health. She is very loyal, as all must be, to her bosses, the midwife and the main nurse. She will laugh in her blog plenty. It will also be about cleaning, home and other stuff; about people who come to her for advices and her help in whatever way for she won't refuse within her power especially in times of emergency; and also about the elderly and the sick coming to our house to monitor their blood pressures. She has many sphygmomanometers ready, and also of people from our place who died whom she once tended to.

People will always come to our house looking for my mother; she gets involved in any way she can, and volunteers, even when sometimes it seems some are trying to abuse her kindness; she gives even when she doesn't get anything back from them. one will see in her blog that she is a woman of giving heart, and she's a loyal friend, very loyal, and enjoys her life, and encouraged by our support. She might be very busy there but it makes her vibrant, happy and purposeful. So if my mother starts a blog, it will be about helping others, especially in health, a selfless, and forgiving blog.

Rainel, Darlene, Ivy, Yenny, Julai, what you think your parents' blogs be all about? I pass this tag to you guys...

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I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Sometimes there is wisdom in not choosing any. When it is our time to meet that which our souls have been longing for intimacy, it will be the time for our deepest needs for love to be met no matter what circumstances we are in. Why start investing in a relationship when you could not see both of you for good marriage potential in the first place? It is not designed to just play around. Principled Romance! If you see any potential for him/her, the better choice, as my aunts had taught us, is select and collect, not collect and select. Select and collect is get to know the person full well first carefully, and see if it’s worth exploring deeper by a wholesome meaningful relationship; an exploration of compatibility for possible future relationship, not the other way around. There is joy in knowing a person and developing our personality, but who would want a sower of wild oats? Everything is worth the wait after prayer, it is always rewarding despite our flaws and imperfections, it will always be perfectly complementary, that's why it is called soul mates. For singles, the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris is inspiring, you may want to read and love it as we had, kiss dating goodbye, develop a new attitude toward relationships and romance, pray for your partner, and be amazed by how wonderful is it to wait when you meet your soul mate. I have been overwhelmed, and now married to the most charmingly wonderful man. Everything is worth the waiting while you delight yourself in the author of love; He will give you the desires of your heart, and guide you(us) through the path you will cherish and love.

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A Cute Little Growing Family

I chatted some with my eldest sister this week and one of the things we talked about for me to catch up on was about my best friend in college Ebyang. She went to the clinic without knowing that she is preggy, she just doubted it since her belly get bigger, she's a joker, so she came to see my sister, a nurse-midwife who delivered her firstborn, with her husband and their 10 months old baby, yeah ten months. I kind of laugh seeing them enjoying their life. I told my sister to tell my friend, "No more again after that, or at least to give space". At least they enjoy their cute little family, and I'm thankful that she has a supportive, loving, and yes, funny husband.

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Three things I don’t understand

Three things that scare me:
· Snakes and other traitorous creatures
· all crawling creatures: worms, etc, hairy or not
· ferris wheels, roller coasters and the like

Three things I can’t do ever
· (will never) hold any hairy and non hairy worms even caterpillars, not like my cousin
· I can cage a bird, but I cant ever imprison its spirit of freedom
· I can drag a water buffalo to the pond, but I can never force it to drink.
...(nah, y i am talking about animals here!)

Three things I don’t understand:
· suicide for a terroristic cause
· why some people name their female children destructive names, like when translated, means: a whore, cursed, etc, (India)
· why when I needed you the most you would leave me, he he, footprints in the sand.

Three things I love:
· Keeping a journal
· Reading
· Laughter
...(aside from my hubby, family and my cat, Lady Gishi)

Three things you should never listen to
· dictators
· angel of darkness
· terrorists

Three things I hate
· Terroristic living and non living things
· nonsense
· gossipers, back stabbers, etc

Three things on my desk
· journal
· calculator
· Pepsi

Three things I am doing right now
· chatting with my eldest sister
· organizing my journal
· answering this thing

Three things I can do very easily
· climb a tree
· play my bamboo flute
· sing, personal use only

Three favorite foods
· veggies with mongo beans
· veggies with moringga leaves :-)
· steak

Three TV shows I watched & remembered the ending
· Jewel In The Palace
· Lavender
· Stairway to heaven

Three people I am tagging
· The good
· The bad
· The ugly

from Rainel Jeane

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South Padre Island Trip


Photo by lpw
t was so early in the fourth of July when we headed west to Texas through southern Louisiana. It was terribly raining three-fourths of the way that seemed longer every time we thought we were almost there. Vast plains of Texas were flooded. I heard the news few days earlier when we were still in New Orleans that it had been raining in the state for several days. I wished it was not raining in our destination for it would really spoil and screw up our schedules, forgive me. Hubby said it is not so good to travel on the fourth of July for there is tendency of accidents on the road. So we passed by with one. That was bad. Big trailer trucks in the interstate had it. Still so thankful of our smooth trip, and when we finally arrived to the island for 10 hours of driving, it was not raining there. We stayed in the apartment of hubby's friend who invited us to the place. It was a very nice place. No we were not in Mexico, but sometimes it felt like it for more than 90% of the people there were Mexicans. Almost everyone spoke Mexican Spanish. Kind of hispanicized place.

We were aboard a boat to watch the Fourth of July fireworks display in the evening. It was a 30-minute display of so beautiful and amazing fireworks we all feel like a child in appreciation and enjoyment. It was so wonderful to watched it on the sea. That was really great.

We had been tired from the trip and still from New Orleans travel that we just stayed in the house in the next day and just relaxing, cuddling in the sofa watching a movie. It was a great time together. I really cherish those moments of just sitting on the couch together and watch movies, I like that. Relaxing, after all, we were on vacation. One day, hubby and his friend went to Mexico to buy some things, but I didn’t dare to go with them. There would always be next time, but that time legality was of concern. It's okay for them as US Citizens, but for me, I didn't want to go across the border illegally.

at the lighthouse

It had been approximately a year since the last time I was on the beach, and it felt so good to be on there, there in South Padre Island. Hubby rubbed lotion on me as I was sun bathing. That was so sweet. It was so hot and the beach was so busy. When I finally came to the waters, whoaw, it feels so coolly good; enveloping my body with the cold soothing waters after the heat of sun bathing. Never felt so good. I really enjoyed every moment to be free in the water playing with the waves. It made me think of the Philippines for a while. We have so many accessible beautiful beaches anywhere we could go whenever we want. And I was thankful that we went to the island. I really enjoyed it. Blame it to the moon. I can not blame the sun, but I was really very exhausted, like drained of all my energy after the day in the beach. But I could still feel the refreshing coldness of the waters all over me, and it always bring out a relaxing sigh, as I close my eyes, with head tilted up, yeah, daydreaming, not drowning :-).

Food, and food. Who can resist? It had been so good anywhere. The waitress asked me “Termino?” Hello, I am Filipino, I’m not Mexican, but she thought I was. Termino, terminal, terminated, stop, finished, but I replied ‘come again?” instead of “unsa?” my vernacular for “what”. That was funny. We went home after five days of being there, contended, happy and yes, a bit exhausted. Just few days of being away and I was glad hubby at least relaxed for a while. It was all worth it.

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It Says I Am, eh?


What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Loving

Your best quality is loving! People like you because of your loving nature. You are a nice person that cares about others. Your loving nature makes you a good friend.

Sense of Humor
What's Your Best Quality?
Take More Quizzes

A tag from Darlene. Grab it. :-)

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i am so down.

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Schengen Visa

Monday, enough of the sight-seeing tours and we were back to business, or to the main purpose of our trip: The Consulate of The Netherlands in New Orleans under the Florida main office to apply me for a tourist visa for Amsterdam for October trip. I have some of my papers filed there already but we are not yet finished. This week I have my proper tickets already for the Amsterdam trip. Come what may, but at least we have done what are necessary. God willing, everything will be fine. :-) And we went home.

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Hurricane on the Bayou

We were in New Orleans we must at least see the Hurricane on the bayou show in IMAX. It was so amazing experience. The show was just short, but I must admit we were expecting much more than what we saw. Found out it was more on Cajun music. It showed a bit on the eve and the aftermath of the hurricane, a very beautiful sight to behold, but so much more, extremely dangerous in nature than its beauty when it strikes. But the message that was relayed was the campaign to save the wet lowlands in southern Louisiana which after the hurricane, disappeared into the vast body of water....

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Follow the River

Mary Ingles did for a thousand miles walking with one companion some of the way, but we were aboard the Natches Ship with many tourists and sailed few miles of the great Mississippi River down in New Orleans. It was relaxing. The thing that I observed was that there were still so many houses that have been empty and evacuated when Katrina was raging and really turned most into pieces, but despite that, the port was so alive and back to its normal business. After all, it was long time ago. Everything had been educational.

Super City Tours

Ihad seen vast hectares of cemetery next to my grandfather's land when I was a child, but the one in New Orleans is so much more wider and big couldn't help to see so many people are resting 'six-feet below the ground'. It really fascinated me to see such very old structures and tombs built a century earlier. And so with the technicolor French-Victorian houses that are still existing, are really wonderful along with the very interesting stories behind them, are not gone with the wind. Old-fashion if it may be of, but I really appreciate things of old that are still preserved, just so amazing. The super city tour of New Orleans was very awesome we all loved it, and we got to know more about the crescent city that makes one easy to live and hard to die, or die hard.

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Bourbon Street

A shot in New Orleans' famous and historic street, an entertainment megaplex with a mardi gras atmosphere featuring live shows, restaurants, a sports bar, nightclub, strip clubs, beer garden, and special events, as well as t-shirt and souvenir shops. Though largely quiet during the day, Bourbon Street comes alive at night with music, peoples and entertainments. The streets are packed with tourists drinking Hurricanes, Hand Grenades and Huge Ass Beers - a large plastic cup of draft beer marketed to tourists at a low price. I saw all kinds of peoples from a wide-eyed tourists to red-eyed drunks (I just saw two that were high), gays, lesbians, street entertainers, and you name any temptations to the flesh and it is in Bourbon street. I saw one woman who dared came out to the streets on Saturday night as we were touring along the streets with margarita in hand, in her "stripped" attire, and some night clubs' doors were open that you could see what were happening inside. They had so much fun. It was quiet an experience, made my eyes expressionless for a while. But it was so awesome to see such old structures to still exist amidst the modern establishments and to just observe the people walking back and forth along the length of the street, the famous Bourbon street, a very alive street that recovered from the fury of the catastrophic event. Oh yeah, the food is always great.

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Swamp and Bayou Tour

We spent the night in a Baton Rouge hotel room whose wall was marked by a raging fist making a cracked hole. But it was a good stay there. We had plenty of time to head toward New Orleans in the morning. The skies still showed its but now dark clouds but it was a relief it didn't turn into a heavy and long rain.

We went straight to a photo studio for my passport pictures, checked-in the French-quarter hotel and walk across New Orleans very old and new streets toward the Gray Line Lighthouse Ticket Office at Toulouse St. and the Mississippi River for the tour of the day. This time it had been raining lightly.

West We Go

For some it might be boring but I got to know so much more about Louisiana's geography, wildlife and other animals unique to the place in the swamps and bayou tour. Somehow I get closer the place for reasons other than sentimentality. We booked for an air boat but we end up aboard a different one, it was okay for it had been raining lightly. We sailed along the vast expanse of the swamps and still saw some damages of the trees and properties from the last hurricane. It was really beautiful in that you wouldn't expect what creatures to see from turtles, birds and to crocodiles appearing out from nowhere. The tour guide and the bus drivers had been really educating and entertaining.

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Don't Burn The Bridge

It was beautiful but can't help to silently ask when it will end. We were passing on, with respect to the total overall length, the longest overwater highway bridge in the world, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway across Lake Pontchartrain, it connects Metairie with Jefferson Parish on the South Shore and St. Tammany Parish on the North Shore. The northbound span extends 23.87 miles and the southbound 23.86 miles. An Engineering masterpiece.
An aerial view shows the parallel roadways of the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the world's longest road bridge.

Until now we can still see traces and remnants of the great hurricane Katrina. The swamps are so vast and the trees that were once standing high in there are now barely standing half if there are any left. But the good thing is that I saw some signs of recovery, at least.

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My Journal

We headed south straight after my dental on a Friday so we could take our travel time. We had been planning to go to New Orleans weeks earlier, organized the trip, spend one weekend there and a Monday. It was a very cloudy day, and I kind of enjoyed capturing the constantly changing formation of cloudy beauty. 'Twas lovely.

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I was finished with my dental appointments June the twenty-ninth. Sure no one wants to get as many shots a day so we made it one at a time on each side. I know everything is expensive here, especially, especially medical services, but I still asked hubby how much they charged in total. It is the same with others, even higher most probably, but no wonder when I was home my friends told me that their Japanese friends come to the Philippines to have their dentals. As I observed, they use the same instruments and the same processes, only that it is much more affordable in the Philippines. But after all, the amount we paid is still really worth it. We are here and are being here. :-)

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The Return of the Come Back :D

That is intended to be of humor :D :D. I am finally done! And I can say I am back now. I had been personally busy that it's quiet a surprise I had not posted for more than two weeks :-) Actually I had been online everyday after our vacation but I just had no spirit to post in the blogging world. I was still a bit updated to some events but not quiet. Sorry that it took me that long before I can spread out my wings and fly :-). But sometimes it good to be just still. And that was what I had been.

It is a very great relief to have finished in the driving academy!!! I had been to a driver's education class last week straight from our vacation. And I had just completed the course today. That made us so busy here with the running. It is Louisiana law to take the 30 hours of driver's education and 6 actual driving hours to get the driver's education completion certificate before one gets learner's permit or driver's license. Huh huh, no choice, I have no driver's license so I was kind of forced :D to take the class. Well, we based the lessons to just one book and I could do self-study to pass the test, though I know there is always bonus knowledge gained from experienced people, but for the sake of the exam, I could do it if I had a choice. Sorry novice, you have to be under the newbies' class :-D So you see, I really didn't like it, in the weaker point, it was boring, and I was still exhausted from our escapade. It is really a great relief to have finished it. As much as I dislike it, it was so funny, in the lighter side, in that I was in a class with American teenagers :D:D ranging from fourteen-year-olds to seventeen-year-olds and maybe eighteen. It was really funny :D :D. I just smile silently when I see some whose faces were still so fresh and young, still so young kids. Yeah, I was in their class, and as I said, I had no choice. But I took it as a privilege in that it is rare, maybe just happen once, and I kind of see and observe those teenagers. It was funny. Around the world it is just the same. It is the values that count. And the hours were counted. In few days I can legally drive already. And that is another greater relief.

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Something Fishy

I asked my instructor this afternoon if he eats fish. He might have wondered why the question but it was still "Yes, I eat fish, why?" Laughing, I answered, "The news last night said that we should not eat fish for the fishes feel pain too!" :D :D :D With direct reply out of resignation while shaking his head he said, "Those people are crazy! What of the pig that we shot between the eyes? and whatever animals we get to eat?" And I was visualizing pig roasting... We were quiet speechless while about to laugh for a moment when we watched the news last night. Animals have rights too, just like men, but we are all part of the food chain, fishes were created so that man might be fed. These days, people are generating issues that are very useful and helpful, but some are just nonsense and absurd, and just kind of "fishy", eh?. :( :P

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Please do not begrudge me the peace and rest I have bought with my silence. We are back!! I am still existing, but not kicking. :-) We have been away and so challenged these past few weeks and many things around that we have to attend to and to run to and fro. Be coming back when outside-the-blogging-world's calling is not a priority. Be well... :-)

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I Go Running Home

Lately I've been winning battles left and right, But even winners can get wounded in the fight. People say that I'm amazing, Strong beyond my years, But they don't see inside of me, I'm hiding all the tears.... They don't know that I go running home when I fall down. They don't know who picks me up when no one is around. I drop my sword and cry for just a while, 'Cause deep inside this armor, The warrior is a child.

Unafraid because His armor is the best, But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest. People say that I'm amazing, Never face retreat, But they don't see the enemies, That lay me at His feet... They don't know that I go running home when I fall down, They don't know who picks me up when no one is around, I drop my sword and cry for just a while , 'Cause deep inside this armor, the warrior is a child

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down, They don't know who picks me up when no one is around, I drop my sword and look up for a smile , 'Cause deep inside this armor, Deep inside this armor, Deep inside this armor, The Warrior is a Child - by twila paris

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Agent Sydney Bristow fanatic, Dr. House follower, civil engineer, aquarian Filipina married to the most charmingly wonderful American.

andthelegendlives is my personal blog where I write my thoughts, opinions and views, experiences, and especially my day to day country living in the USA, remembrance of my home Philippines, and also on other subjects that can be of service to random and collection blog readers. Some of the topics here are compensated and can be about my recommendations and opinions of specific services, websites, or products based on my own findings and first hand and experiences. To contact us by email is through

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