A Cute Little Growing Family

I chatted some with my eldest sister this week and one of the things we talked about for me to catch up on was about my best friend in college Ebyang. She went to the clinic without knowing that she is preggy, she just doubted it since her belly get bigger, she's a joker, so she came to see my sister, a nurse-midwife who delivered her firstborn, with her husband and their 10 months old baby, yeah ten months. I kind of laugh seeing them enjoying their life. I told my sister to tell my friend, "No more again after that, or at least to give space". At least they enjoy their cute little family, and I'm thankful that she has a supportive, loving, and yes, funny husband.

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July 30, 2007 at 12:32 PM

hehe pastilang paspasa d.i ha. naa mi silingan dai nga nga after a month pagpanganak pila lang ka weeks mabdos na pd.Pastilan gkan ko elem na grad na lng col. cge ra jd s'yang buntis.

she didn't even realize pila na kabuok iya kids.kay sahay makwaan mn pd sya ug namatyan babies apan do-re-mi doesn't even fit her, kay halos way gap ang do ug re. whoa!


July 31, 2007 at 2:43 AM

syalan ba, na gi-combine diay ang nota dai., mura man gigukod, bantayanan jud na ba kay murag after panganak critical kaau, ngano masundan man dayon, d man kahulat c mister! whoaaa.. luoy hunahunaon nga magkatawa na lang ta.. dah, la man cguro naglisod, hala, sanay... ag kita ani.. lahi ra..