Follow the River

Mary Ingles did for a thousand miles walking with one companion some of the way, but we were aboard the Natches Ship with many tourists and sailed few miles of the great Mississippi River down in New Orleans. It was relaxing. The thing that I observed was that there were still so many houses that have been empty and evacuated when Katrina was raging and really turned most into pieces, but despite that, the port was so alive and back to its normal business. After all, it was long time ago. Everything had been educational.

Super City Tours

Ihad seen vast hectares of cemetery next to my grandfather's land when I was a child, but the one in New Orleans is so much more wider and big couldn't help to see so many people are resting 'six-feet below the ground'. It really fascinated me to see such very old structures and tombs built a century earlier. And so with the technicolor French-Victorian houses that are still existing, are really wonderful along with the very interesting stories behind them, are not gone with the wind. Old-fashion if it may be of, but I really appreciate things of old that are still preserved, just so amazing. The super city tour of New Orleans was very awesome we all loved it, and we got to know more about the crescent city that makes one easy to live and hard to die, or die hard.

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