My Parents' Blog

I grabbed an interesting tag about parents' blogs. My parents don't have blogs of their own, they don't have time to sit and blog. But if they will have blogs, what will they be all about? This is interesting indeed. Kind of a closer look of what they do and love, and it really makes us understand them more and appreciate things they do to keep them occupied and enjoy life, despite...

My Dad's Blog
It will be about work and work and work. It will be about his tile work and things related to construction. My father, 58, will not say much there but do more. It will be about electricity and also carpentry. It will also be about painting, fixing things, and almost about anything except driving. It will also be about his cell phone. And oh, also it will be about videoke; my dad loves to sing, so do I.

Sometimes we want him to relax for a while, but it seems, like hubby, they won't be peaceful if they don't do something in a day. It gives them energy for the day it seems. So if my dad will have a blog, it will be about manly works and pride.

My Mom's Blog
The Health Center, Barangay Midwife, City Health, and other stuff related to volunteering for health will be all about in my mother's blog. My mother, 51, is a barangay health worker who also works in the city health. She is very loyal, as all must be, to her bosses, the midwife and the main nurse. She will laugh in her blog plenty. It will also be about cleaning, home and other stuff; about people who come to her for advices and her help in whatever way for she won't refuse within her power especially in times of emergency; and also about the elderly and the sick coming to our house to monitor their blood pressures. She has many sphygmomanometers ready, and also of people from our place who died whom she once tended to.

People will always come to our house looking for my mother; she gets involved in any way she can, and volunteers, even when sometimes it seems some are trying to abuse her kindness; she gives even when she doesn't get anything back from them. one will see in her blog that she is a woman of giving heart, and she's a loyal friend, very loyal, and enjoys her life, and encouraged by our support. She might be very busy there but it makes her vibrant, happy and purposeful. So if my mother starts a blog, it will be about helping others, especially in health, a selfless, and forgiving blog.

Rainel, Darlene, Ivy, Yenny, Julai, what you think your parents' blogs be all about? I pass this tag to you guys...

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  Utah Mommy

July 31, 2007 at 11:38 PM

Thank you sa pagtag nako Lots ako nya ning himuon maybe thursday or friday for sure.I got tag to post tomorrow & i will include your name in there.Please visit my blog tomorrow so you'll see the tagay.Have a goodnight Lots.Happy !st of August tomorrow!Godbless!


August 1, 2007 at 7:24 AM

hi lot thanx for tagging me, i'll surely do this.