The Return of the Come Back :D

That is intended to be of humor :D :D. I am finally done! And I can say I am back now. I had been personally busy that it's quiet a surprise I had not posted for more than two weeks :-) Actually I had been online everyday after our vacation but I just had no spirit to post in the blogging world. I was still a bit updated to some events but not quiet. Sorry that it took me that long before I can spread out my wings and fly :-). But sometimes it good to be just still. And that was what I had been.

It is a very great relief to have finished in the driving academy!!! I had been to a driver's education class last week straight from our vacation. And I had just completed the course today. That made us so busy here with the running. It is Louisiana law to take the 30 hours of driver's education and 6 actual driving hours to get the driver's education completion certificate before one gets learner's permit or driver's license. Huh huh, no choice, I have no driver's license so I was kind of forced :D to take the class. Well, we based the lessons to just one book and I could do self-study to pass the test, though I know there is always bonus knowledge gained from experienced people, but for the sake of the exam, I could do it if I had a choice. Sorry novice, you have to be under the newbies' class :-D So you see, I really didn't like it, in the weaker point, it was boring, and I was still exhausted from our escapade. It is really a great relief to have finished it. As much as I dislike it, it was so funny, in the lighter side, in that I was in a class with American teenagers :D:D ranging from fourteen-year-olds to seventeen-year-olds and maybe eighteen. It was really funny :D :D. I just smile silently when I see some whose faces were still so fresh and young, still so young kids. Yeah, I was in their class, and as I said, I had no choice. But I took it as a privilege in that it is rare, maybe just happen once, and I kind of see and observe those teenagers. It was funny. Around the world it is just the same. It is the values that count. And the hours were counted. In few days I can legally drive already. And that is another greater relief.

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