Something Fishy

I asked my instructor this afternoon if he eats fish. He might have wondered why the question but it was still "Yes, I eat fish, why?" Laughing, I answered, "The news last night said that we should not eat fish for the fishes feel pain too!" :D :D :D With direct reply out of resignation while shaking his head he said, "Those people are crazy! What of the pig that we shot between the eyes? and whatever animals we get to eat?" And I was visualizing pig roasting... We were quiet speechless while about to laugh for a moment when we watched the news last night. Animals have rights too, just like men, but we are all part of the food chain, fishes were created so that man might be fed. These days, people are generating issues that are very useful and helpful, but some are just nonsense and absurd, and just kind of "fishy", eh?. :( :P

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