South Padre Island Trip


Photo by lpw
t was so early in the fourth of July when we headed west to Texas through southern Louisiana. It was terribly raining three-fourths of the way that seemed longer every time we thought we were almost there. Vast plains of Texas were flooded. I heard the news few days earlier when we were still in New Orleans that it had been raining in the state for several days. I wished it was not raining in our destination for it would really spoil and screw up our schedules, forgive me. Hubby said it is not so good to travel on the fourth of July for there is tendency of accidents on the road. So we passed by with one. That was bad. Big trailer trucks in the interstate had it. Still so thankful of our smooth trip, and when we finally arrived to the island for 10 hours of driving, it was not raining there. We stayed in the apartment of hubby's friend who invited us to the place. It was a very nice place. No we were not in Mexico, but sometimes it felt like it for more than 90% of the people there were Mexicans. Almost everyone spoke Mexican Spanish. Kind of hispanicized place.

We were aboard a boat to watch the Fourth of July fireworks display in the evening. It was a 30-minute display of so beautiful and amazing fireworks we all feel like a child in appreciation and enjoyment. It was so wonderful to watched it on the sea. That was really great.

We had been tired from the trip and still from New Orleans travel that we just stayed in the house in the next day and just relaxing, cuddling in the sofa watching a movie. It was a great time together. I really cherish those moments of just sitting on the couch together and watch movies, I like that. Relaxing, after all, we were on vacation. One day, hubby and his friend went to Mexico to buy some things, but I didn’t dare to go with them. There would always be next time, but that time legality was of concern. It's okay for them as US Citizens, but for me, I didn't want to go across the border illegally.

at the lighthouse

It had been approximately a year since the last time I was on the beach, and it felt so good to be on there, there in South Padre Island. Hubby rubbed lotion on me as I was sun bathing. That was so sweet. It was so hot and the beach was so busy. When I finally came to the waters, whoaw, it feels so coolly good; enveloping my body with the cold soothing waters after the heat of sun bathing. Never felt so good. I really enjoyed every moment to be free in the water playing with the waves. It made me think of the Philippines for a while. We have so many accessible beautiful beaches anywhere we could go whenever we want. And I was thankful that we went to the island. I really enjoyed it. Blame it to the moon. I can not blame the sun, but I was really very exhausted, like drained of all my energy after the day in the beach. But I could still feel the refreshing coldness of the waters all over me, and it always bring out a relaxing sigh, as I close my eyes, with head tilted up, yeah, daydreaming, not drowning :-).

Food, and food. Who can resist? It had been so good anywhere. The waitress asked me “Termino?” Hello, I am Filipino, I’m not Mexican, but she thought I was. Termino, terminal, terminated, stop, finished, but I replied ‘come again?” instead of “unsa?” my vernacular for “what”. That was funny. We went home after five days of being there, contended, happy and yes, a bit exhausted. Just few days of being away and I was glad hubby at least relaxed for a while. It was all worth it.

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  Utah Mommy

July 26, 2007 at 7:14 PM

Wow kalami ninyo kay nanglaag diay mo tong 4th of july.Kami kay diri lang sa park duol sa amoa naa pod firewowrks show about 30 mins.Nakaingun lagi ko sus gigastuhan gyud sa america ang fireworks sa?unya every states gud na naa show nga ing ana perti raba gyud nang mahala kay klase color naa pa jud mga bualk ang style.Sabagay datu man ning nasura mao way kurat sa atua intawn bisan pagkaon lisud pangitaon.