Swamp and Bayou Tour

We spent the night in a Baton Rouge hotel room whose wall was marked by a raging fist making a cracked hole. But it was a good stay there. We had plenty of time to head toward New Orleans in the morning. The skies still showed its but now dark clouds but it was a relief it didn't turn into a heavy and long rain.

We went straight to a photo studio for my passport pictures, checked-in the French-quarter hotel and walk across New Orleans very old and new streets toward the Gray Line Lighthouse Ticket Office at Toulouse St. and the Mississippi River for the tour of the day. This time it had been raining lightly.

West We Go

For some it might be boring but I got to know so much more about Louisiana's geography, wildlife and other animals unique to the place in the swamps and bayou tour. Somehow I get closer the place for reasons other than sentimentality. We booked for an air boat but we end up aboard a different one, it was okay for it had been raining lightly. We sailed along the vast expanse of the swamps and still saw some damages of the trees and properties from the last hurricane. It was really beautiful in that you wouldn't expect what creatures to see from turtles, birds and to crocodiles appearing out from nowhere. The tour guide and the bus drivers had been really educating and entertaining.

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