The Cat And The Shredder

Olady gishih my goodness! My Kleenex rolled to the floor, and then I heard the shredder went off. My cat! No, her cute thick furry tail like a feather duster was not shredded. I put a picture on the table, and I was alarmed if it was it; I couldn't recover the photo. When the shredding machine stopped, I inspected inside, and alas, the one I feared, it was really Amanda's picture fresh from Iraq that Lady Gishi kicked down directly and perfectly to the shredding slot! I was nervous and so guilty. You see, I will never tear any picture, no matter who is in print, much more shredding it, or make my cat do it even how accidental; for it is like tearing the real person apart, tearing their faces in pieces; well, that's what I feel. I will hide the album from view, lay it down, or cover it, but I will never tear or shred photos. It was just okay with hubby since I just had it scanned (ie why it was on the table) in high resolution. It was a relief. Cats are something else, :-D por bida! I won't dare think it was my cat's tail being shredded either. Cats are slow and effeminate, but in defense, they're so fast and quick, with their slow estimation, they can be precise.. No more picture shredding.

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