High School Life

(oh my bit boring high school life)

They say that high school, especialy the last year is the very exciting time in life, for me it was not, it was the time before and after it, hehehhe. Let's go back to school!

...sure they were not ghosts Wanted to be a linguist. as if I would never go back, I did, 8 years later...

What section were you?
- they call it Roxas.

Who was your adviser?
- Mrs. Valle (forgot her first name:-()

How many were you in one class?
- forty plus

Who was/were your seat mates?
- nah, I'm sure they were not ghosts, cant recall now

Still remember your English teacher?
- yes, Mrs. Gulanes.

What was your first class?
- Filipino, I think. The teacher was a terror, :-D goodness.

Who was your best friend?
- Maritess, Emily, Madelyn, Arlyn, eh, many of them, I don't know where are they now.

Who did you like?
- The librarian.

Made friends to the lower years?
-just smiled, not really friends

Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- no. to the heck before.. hehee jk.

How was your class schedule?
- fine, sometimes boring when I think of it today.

Made any enemies?
- no.

Who was your favorite teacher?
- English teacher.

What sports did you play?
- none in school.

Did you buy your lunch?

Were you a party animal?
- no.

Were you well known in your school?
- oh well..

SKIP School?
- no. just made many absences :-D

Did you get suspended/expelled?
- If I teased with them that one of our classmates had big head, maybe I would be.

Can you sing the Alma mater?
- Alma mater dear, yes, just some words, but I still remember the tune.

What was your favorite subject?
- physics

What was your school's full name?
- University of Mindanao Tagum College

Did you go to the dances?
- no

If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you .... ?
- love trigo as I did later on..

What do you remember most about 4th year?
- happy memories and of struggles

Favorite memory in 4th year?
- library time. I would research and take note of different languages. Wanted to be a linguist.

Worst memory in 4th year?
- private.

Where did you go most often for break?
- gate vendors' place for juice and banana cues. sometimes in the canteen.

What did you do on the last day of school?
- pan shot the whole place, as if I would never go back there. I did, 8 years later.

How was your graduation?
- fine. it was so hot. as always, it was broadcasted live in the radio station.

Got any honors or special awards?
- no. i was not in the privileged section.

Did you like 4th year?
- yes i like i graduated 4rt year.

What year did you graduate?
- late 1900's, haahah

Who posted this before you did?
= Darlene

Mel, may I pass this to you. :-)

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  Utah Mommy

August 8, 2007 at 10:22 AM

Salamat sa pagtubag Lots nakatawa man ko nako woi ang akong where do i usually go during breaktime kay mga pagkaon man akong gipamutang hahaha giduka na gyud ko gabii diay kay daghan sayop akong post nabuing gyud ko.Anyways ako naman pod nuon gi edit naulaw lang ko dah hehehee.Godbless Lots Mwuah!


August 9, 2007 at 2:09 PM

Pastilan prehas ta darl. kaon jd ang atimanon sa recess. maayo ka dai lotis ky library. ako talagsa ra jd ko igkita sa lib. sa benignitan nuon cge present :-)


August 9, 2007 at 4:25 PM

mabuntag naa pa na sa gate ang mga mamaligyaay ug mga pangsnacks, in the afternoon tulod2 na na cla sa ila talagsang tindahan. panagsa ra pud ko library but when there, world languages ako trip, ambot ngano pud to.


August 9, 2007 at 10:00 PM

hi lhot, you are a god linguist already... i see how clever you are in words..congrats ha! lahi ra jud ning world sa genuis bah, makes asense jud...

salamat ha sa akoa regards, ako pod gi hi ta na ka, sa akoa mother in law to be:-)