I am Rich!

Great day today. Hubby finally arrives! So glad, for I can't avoid to feel anxious about long flights. His flight was delayed for an hour so I and my mother-in-law have plenty of time waiting in the airport. My nail polish set came in the mail too, not that it mattered but I was surprised for Hubby made the company include a "love note" for me. Mylove is ever so romantic. Mmhh, I was so touched. I also got my first approved post in ppp :-D and other programs paid too. They emailed him and the forwarded message hubby sent me was, "I am rich!" Lol.. Yes, I am, for my husband is home!

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September 2, 2007 at 1:16 AM

Wow ka sweet ba oi... sus ning mga kano ngano ka mga sweet ba ani oi hehhee... buing naghilakhilak man ko oi... kita naka anang Premonition nga Movie? ahak nalang gyud kabalo palang ko di ko tan aw hehehe mura ko tala sa heheheh night na oi i mean mowning hahaha