Make Money From Blogging!

Since I have started in this blog advertising, I might as well make the most of it. My quest for curiosity led me to Smorty, a service connecting advertisers with bloggers professionally. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers' site. Get paid for while blogging!

Signing up is easy. Smorty admin will review your Blog and once approved, Smorty will email you suitable ad campaigns you can write about. This does not mean though that you will definitely find the campaign in your admin panel. Opportunities are taken quickly and it is up to you to log in and accept the task before all opportunities are taken. Campaign offers are active for around 72 hours, for you to write your opinion article and post it in your blog, confirm and submit; and get paid for blogging.

Advertisers will review your posts; they are then automatically approved, which takes 5 days; you will be paid for that blog article on the first payment day of that week. So you will get paid to blog weekly. Each approved post will bring you a minimum of US$6 and bringing you up to even $100 per post. For me it seems simple, secure and profit generating enough, it pays off, so try it too and start here to get paid to blog.

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