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What, When, Where

You have accomplished: studies, and to be a wife of a man I know who loves me.
Disappointment: with the driving examiner.
Where you spend your time on: on the bed, on the chair, on my foot
You have neglected: my tomato plants
You have collected:blank notebooks.
Item you take care of: important stuffs
Moment you were happy: when somebody in the family arrives, not leave
Angry you've been: when someone tells something about me ie so damaging.
You have cried: this year
Pain you've experienced: from ingrown toenail, hehe, when I hit it unintentionally on the chair or something hard, and when somebody stepped on it accidentally, speaking of real unlucky day.
You have been teased about: being dark skinned when I was young, I was teased as “negra”.
Prettiest time you've felt: everyday, hehehe, upon waking up.
Ugliest time you've felt: when I don’t have sleep
You've been loved by: my loved ones
You love: loved ones, :-)
Word you used: ohmi, is one of them
Item you've used: pc
Food you made: stir fry
Amount you have spend in one time: tres cientos but not for myself.
You have spend on: shopping
You have screamed: when I was so angry
Game you have played: I used to play chess, but not now
tag from Darlene...for Melody

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  Utah Mommy

August 14, 2007 at 10:02 PM

salamat sa pagdawat sa tagay dae nakalimot na baya ko ani hehehe.


August 17, 2007 at 11:53 PM

wow, most of the stuffed that you have been said was pretty kind of stuff..