Saved by the Spoon

Do you still believe in miracles? Joy Horton for sure not just believes in them but has just experienced a live-saving one. The 73-year-old woman was preparing some food in her western New York home on Monday morning when she dropped a spoon on the floor of her kitchen. Just when she bent down, her house exploded, leveled her home in the Wayne County town of Sodus, on Lake Ontario about 25 miles east of Rochester and because she was bending down when the explosion occurred, the kitchen sink and counter top helped keep debris from hitting her. She wasn't seriously injured. She crawled out from underneath the rubble and walked to her daughter's home nearby to get help. The cause of the explosion remains under investigation; (mao ni ron.) I take that a divine intervention; miracles still happen everyday, it is not just a coincidence, and the dropping of the spoon on the floor is not an accident either. See, that is what makes it the more amazing to know that very small things we don’t expect will be used to save us, even a spoon, just to remind us of something so big.. -

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August 23, 2007 at 12:28 AM

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yung kanta original themesong yun sa Korean telenovela "Winter Sonata". Ang title ay "From The Beginning Until Now". Love it!


August 23, 2007 at 12:32 AM

you are welcome Nits. Thank for the info about the song, yeah, i like it, i thought i heard it somewhere but don't know the title,. ang galing! be looking for it.