So What If I'm A Lefty?

I was using the new stir fry scoop and I exclaimed, "this is for right-handed people!" I can still remember one child cousin who was slapped many times on his hand when he was experimenting with the pencil and tried to draw. But no matter how his parents wanted him to use his right hand, he really went on the lefty way. But no matter, I'm proud to be a lefty, the only in the family. I can still write with my right hand, but on the boards, or walls, etc. ( I don't vandal hah.) It is so much easier to write on the chalkboards with my right hand, but all the rest I use with my left hand. The thickness of the chalk compared to ball pen's does not matter, so maybe it is the position of the board? :-D So what if you are a lefty in a right-handed world? No big deal. One advantage is being in the league of:

Michaelangelo / Leonardo daVinci / Pablo Picasso / Albert Einstein / George H. W. Bush / Bill Clinton / Ronald Reagan / Bill Gates / Nikola Tesla / Isaac Newton / Benjamin Franklin / Fidel Castro / Tom Cruise / Angelina Julie / and Lotis. Who? :-D / among so many others. :-D

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  Arianne The Bookworm

August 22, 2007 at 7:52 PM

i think my son's going to be a lefty.. whenever his lola give him a a pen and a piece of paper to drool on, automatically, he places the pen on his left hand. his lola would get the pen and move it to the right, too, but my son always manage to put it back to left.. i think being a lefty is cool too.. i just dont understand why the elders would prefer a "righty" .. doesn't make sense, does it?

by the way, you can include jennifer Garner, Julius Ceasar, Babe Ruth, & Demi Moore.. Cool!!


August 22, 2007 at 11:48 PM

yeah that's cool claire.. hhmm, little children are very cute, esp if they are lefties.. jennifer garner, my ever idol,.. eto talaga c julius caesar! :-D
yeah, it really makes one wonder why elders prefer their children to be right-handed, doesnt make sense indeed. well, writing lefty is cool, and funny watching one.. nakakaenjoy pagmasdan ba.