The Woman Behind Me

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. But I found her, I was fortunate to be her daughter. I got this tag from Darlene, a good woman herself.

Ten random thoughts about my mother...

First of all, I admit I miss my mother; my father too; and also my 4 sisters, and yes, my two brothers. :-) Random thoughts about the woman behind me.

1. Very patient person, so patient. And i must say that I had tried her patience so many times, more than my other siblings had :-( i'm guilty of that.

2. She is selfless, and has forgiving heart, keeping the family in times of great trials. If it was not for her... she is so strong a woman, you can always count on her.

3. She is resourceful. In times of difficulty and nothingness she can find a way. Even mangutang sa panahon na walang wala na jud. Di baya lalim. Naa jud na na time. She attends to the needs of the family. You can rely on her always.

4. She budgets well, and she has a term "pang tabas tabasan" ang unsay nakabudget na, itapak sa uban.

5. She so good in doing laundry. She could stay whole day hand washing delicate clothes, we'll just do the cooking.

6. Nah, she laughs out so loud, like me, :-D , her voice will get to my eardrums; I miss that voice, the voice that nagged on me many times.

7. She is Godly religious. "We will serve the Lord" is her priority, we, family.

8. She is very sensitive, especially with regards to my father. I also got her yam-id style. hehe

9. She's a very good friend, very loyal. She has so many friends.

10. She massaged us every time we were not feeling good. Those hands, I miss those hands. Nag-emotional na ko diri.... I copied her style of taking care of us.

I pass this to Melody.

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  Utah Mommy

August 2, 2007 at 11:51 PM

Oh you made my heart melt Lots!Thank you so much for the compliments,i really mean it!It made me feel good knowing you noticed things about me although we're just talking or leaving some messages thru our sites.Thank you by the way for doing the tag.You have such a wonderful mon like i do.Aren't we so proud having them,& take note!They're not our choice, God gave them to us,it's a blessing to have such loving & very caring mother.Some are less fortunate for having not as good mothers like we have.You have a goodnight Lots & godbless!


August 3, 2007 at 6:18 AM

if i'm going to remember your mum, she is a picture of a happy person, and not only that, she is also pretty like u

oh..thanks for the tag, guess i did my part, i ought to make you one(tag) soon...


August 4, 2007 at 12:06 PM


youre welcome, i meant it. i really see that you are. ty too for being a friend. yes, good mothers are the most selfless people in the world. a mother's love, is priceless..


right, my mother is a very smiling person, people always see her smile. such a great mom i have. she's really pretty, thats where i got my beauty from :-D, hehe, jk.. i never see your mom, but i know she must be a very kind and wise mother to you.. be well..


August 6, 2007 at 10:46 PM

i tried to look for the parents blog, coz i meant to post it there,hmmm it doesn't matter, still your parents, theyre in one... anyway i just want to let you know that, THEY HAD A GOOD WAY OF UPBRINGING WITH THEIR OFFSPRING. TO MENTION ABOUT "GOOD CONCEPTS..IT'S NO WONDER YOU GREW UP IN A GOOD ENDLESS GUIDANCE BY YOUR PARENTS, bright pod ka bah mana sa imo father.. kay ang beauty sa mother .. wow perfect combination..well matched