Dressing in style

How passionate about fashion I am? As long as we know the right poise, bring ourselves and the way we dress up, and to brand our own styles, we will never be out of fashion whose trends are in a sharp zigzag. From Melody.

Dress In Style
My wardrobe is somewhat in style of their own; it is hubby who is my fashion consultant, tua. I’m picky with dress style though; I like those that are colorful, before I prefer all black, classy and elegant. Be going to Amsterdam next month, maybe can peek through their style there.

My Eating Habits
when hubby is home, we eat healthy and on our time, but when alone, I just eat when I feel like to. All I know is that he does not want me to get fat.

Gimmick Nights
not much gimmick, we just dine out once or so when hubby’s home, after a theater date. We just love to spend our nights watching TV together, cuddling and loving, with wine and food.

What I Wear
I wear clothes that I know in Philippines, at least in my place and for those who know me, they think quiet unlikely of me, they’re just so conservative. What I wear depends on hubby’s preference as well.

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September 21, 2007 at 11:43 PM

yeah! lhot i see how you turn over a new leaf a bit when it comes to style.,it's ok to experiment with fashion, we dont need to always rely on trends and trusted jud kay c hubby man nimo ang fashion consultant, thanks lhot, taking time to do the tag!