Green Card Production

At long last! Hubby got an email early this morning from USCIS. They ordered already production of my green card! We are happy yet at the same time, gosh, I thought it would not come! But whatever might be the reasons of its delay, so glad that at least it is produced, and thankful that it means "no interview" for me. We really needed this that we applied for advance parole so I could travel back and forth without problems. Though it was 305 bucks already, no regrets. Oh well, whichever of them may come first will be used straight away to secure my Schengen visa for the Netherlands. It is so close to home, I hope will come asap now that it is there.

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September 4, 2007 at 6:40 PM

Wow congrats ganda! nice kaayo nga news dah... sus karon pa gyud ko kalugar internet kay nanlaag me nila Anne ug Ate Rose hehhehe. Congrats sad sa imong domain, wow mao diay na name sa imo iring. Ka cute ba sad kaayo oi... sana makadungog nasad me sa USCIS oi how i wish nalang heheheh. Congrats dai!