Hated Things

Mademoiselle Francine got me tagged about things that I hate. Can't help it, there always are things that are just not appealing to us to intense dislike. These are some of my own:
1. Food -green bean casserole, something like that, dunno but it provokes phlegm out of the blue
2. Fruits -tisa
3. Veggies -turnips
4. People -pretenders and liars, gossipers
5. Event/Situation/Incident - compromising situation, hehe
6. TV Shows/Movies - big brother
7. Music - heavy metal, or the kind that gives me headache just by listening
8. Household Chores - vacuuming, maybe it’s the vacuum, won't suck 100%.
9. Things around the world - terrorism, communism
10. Things about myself - untrusting, don’t care for something not worthy of my fight.

Bulak, Julai, let us know your hated things.

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September 24, 2007 at 12:34 PM

hu guapa,ako na jud nahimo ang tag atlast..thanks a lot guapa..have a nice day.pasensya na ug nadugay..