Man's body build and size

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The question is(hhmm): "how true is it that body builders have small, (you know) penile size?"

There is a proverbial saying in my place that the bigger the man’s body build, the smaller is his thing. So is it true? I have my thoughts about this but I will find medical explanations to backup my thinking. As it might not be true to all, I think it is. Many fitness enthusiasts, including athletes, bodybuilders and weight lifters are turning to muscle-enhancing supplements to power up their athletic performance, build a stronger physique and give them the winning edge, turned to bodybuilding steroids to help them achieve fast results. Well, if they think it makes them attractive or appealing, so be it. The bigger their bodies get, the smaller their penile sizes seem, to counteract and balance the nature?

Here is the explanation: body buildingWhen a man takes external (I understand, not natural of the body) body-building steroids beyond what would be medically correct dosing, that man's brain senses that there is plenty of testosterone in the blood stream. Because of this, it shuts down the body's own testosterone production. The longer a man takes the anabolic or body-building steroids, the longer his body will go in the shut-down mode. When this occurs we often see that the man's genitals, both penis and testicles, will dramatically shrink in size. Sometimes, when they stop the steroid, everything returns to normal; sometimes it doesn't, and the system can stay shut down forever. The super body builders that take the steroids are famous for having very, very small "packages." So in general, anabolic steroids may be great if you really want to have large biceps, but only if you are willing to essentially sacrifice your testicles, future fertility, and penile size for them.

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