Murray Feiss Lighting

So you have the plumbing fixtures already. How about decorative lighting that we can get at the best possible price? Managing home improvement projects can often be a challenging experience. Your choice of a supplier is very important to the success of your project. Murray Feiss is the design leader of exceptional indoor lighting and outdoor lighting for your home. Their collections include Bob Mackie Home, a name synonymous with glamour and style; and the Colonial Williamsburg, bringing the traditional and transitional heritage to authentic American design and quality. The Feiss family has been producing inspired designs in their chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, pendants and bath lighting for generations. Murray Feiss is Home Fashion for Life. is the leading online distributor of Murray Feiss Lighting. They offer everyday low prices on the largest selection of name brand products - in stock and ready to ship. At, you can get the products you want right away and ensure the safe and timely delivery of your products, that make your home look grand a lighting showplace with the Murray Feiss indoor and outdoor lighting.

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