My Loungewear and Sleepwear

No changing required! Sometimes when in emergency I still have to change clothes to go to town to be “presentable” of my self, for sometimes house clothes are just not fitting for town outing. So hubby got me women’s clothing comfortable enough to wear around the house and also wear out on the town. How convenient it would be if women didn’t have to change out of their “house clothes” every time they left the house for an errand or an appointment? There is a women’s clothing line that offers a wide selection of versatile women's loungewear (and women’s sleepwear) that fits just this need; versatile enough to wear around the house and also wear out on the town, to wear out for a night, and even cuts out the middle-man and provides easy, sassy and comfortable clothing for women. How convenient is that? Perfect for the woman on the go, and the sleepwear collection is ideal for the woman seeking sleepwear serenity! Easy to wear, every piece is versatile and beautiful is the kind of clothe, lounge wear and sleepwear I want, and Erin Braxton has paved the clothing line.

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October 2, 2007 at 5:05 AM

I must admit that there is nothing I look forward to more when I get home from work than slipping into my pjs. Not very sexy sadly, think pink teddys and sheep!