Protect the Value of your Home

4 Saturdays a Year: Devote four Saturdays a year to home maintenance and you can prevent costly repairs later. The biggest threat: water damage, which lead to rotting and mold.

Fall: Day 1
Clean the gutters - clogs can cause water to back up into the eaves, and the acid produced by leaves and bird droppings eats away at metal. For better energy efficiency, change the air filter in your furnace.

Day 2
Water can seep in around windows and doors, so open each one to check whether dirt has clogged the weep holes, the small drains in the tracks. Unclog them with a straightened paper clip. Next circle your home's exxterior looking for gaps around windows and doors. Fill them with caulking. Also watch for protruding nails. As the tmeperature changes, the holes expand and contract, pushing out the nails. Replace them with galvanized nails.

We have some people working around the house these days. It is just wise to maintain or replace roof and elements and other places in the house now that winter has not yet come, now that though the material costs are so high, later it will be much higher, and now while there is yet no or just little damage than a big one in the future. Hubby's wise planning.

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