Scanning Business Cards

Perhaps you can't find your client’s business cards, or the ones you have collected from your contacts; or tired of forever typing contact information into your contacts list or updating them; I know the hassle. We even have lost some before. But now you can let your competitors waste time manually entering information while you make your business grow. Let your competitors waste time searching for a business card while you close your deals. The solution? I was relieved at it actually. Business card scanner. Business card scanning directly to Microsoft Outlook®. Scan2Contacts is an easy to use and accurate, business card scanning add-on software for Microsoft Outlook ® contacts management. The business card reader scans business cards and automatically creates a new contact record. The textual data is extracted using OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology (founded by a group of engineers with strong engineering expertise, and are specializing in OCR scanning solutions), with bar code and magnetic data reading, and inserted to the appropriate contact fields and the image file of the card is attached. A one-stop image and data scanning and processing solutions for various types of cards and other media. Very convenient and time-saving. Their scanning systems are designed to quickly and accurately read the information from driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, visit cards, and even checks. The card image and card data are arranged in appropriate database fields, and can be processed and exported either automatically or manually.

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