School for wrestlers?

Some of our favorite shows as we cuddle watching TV are Ultimate fighting championship, boxing, wrestling, and the like. They are exciting, entertaining, and sometimes, opposite. Fighters come from anywhere, and many are from Mexico. Do they really have wrestling school?

BBC. "Deep in the belly of Arena Mexico, the enormous venue known as the "cathedral of lucha libre" in central Mexico City, there is heavy pounding as bodies slam against the canvas-covered floor of a wrestling ring. But the noise is being made by teenagers and young men, not the theatrical wrestlers famous for their ostentatious masks and flamboyant moves. And in a country where more than 40% live in poverty, the potential earnings offered by lucha libre, although not on a par with professional footballers, are also a huge draw. "Any Mexican man wants to be a lucha libre fighter, because it promises us the kind of money that you'll never earn in other professions," says Victor, who is also studying electronics."

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