Your color, for success?

A skin-lightening cream’s - a product that is now on the shelves of British shops, ad says and thus come out to simply reinforces the idea that “you've got to be fair to be anything in life, It says that if you're fair and good looking, you'll be a wonderful daughter-in-law or husband, your skin colour determines how successful you'll be in life”. The skin-lightening cream for men, along with its more feminine counterparts, has found its way into Asian supermarkets and stores in the west. The ad reinforces age-old prejudices that already exists within the South Asian community, in which the darker skinned can find themselves looked down upon. But in the west, you’re in if you’re tan. The discontentment of men. Your skin colour determines how successful you'll be in life? Nah! And success either does not come because you're tan. But it is the inferiority complex because of the skin colour, which we should never have condescending attitude towards.

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