Memories of Gishi

Mladygishiy cat, Lady Gishi, is the only "thing" I can call exclusively my own, just plainly all mine, no attention grabbers or what, she is a sheep who knows only and obeys my voice. Half of the times I am alone, I'm fine with that, much finer because I have a friend, companion, my baby, a reason for me to be up and running around playing, yeah, just having fun with my little feline doll who amused me so much. It's normal for people worrying too much over the marines in Iraq, but that much I worried over my cat. I will be going back to the Philippines for three months and it seemed my wish would not be granted for me to bring my cat home for 3 months is too long for her to be alone without anyone caring for her that I have been so worried; I know she is just a cat, but she's my cat, and she's all to me. When we come back from the airport from our Amsterdam trip, I went straight to the backyard to look for my cat, she had been alone for six days already. She didn't respond to my voice, maybe she was just out somewhere hunting,I went to the front yard but she's not there. Never had I the inkling that my cat had been run over Monday night and my parents-in-law buried her under the cedar tree Tuesday. It's the loneliest and saddest times in my life here. I was not even there for her. Grabe jud amo pinagsamahan ato ako cat. I just miss her.

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October 21, 2007 at 2:48 PM

hello...suroy ko sa imong blog then nakibasa narin....kasayang sad sa imong cat...happy Sunday...God bless...suroy sad sa akong blog ha...


October 21, 2007 at 9:30 PM

hala kalooy sad sa imo cat,,, sad pud oi... condolence

  Utah Mommy

October 21, 2007 at 11:42 PM

Musta naman ka Lots maayo pa ang iring nimo kay pahanduray lang sa lamesa hehehehe. Hope to hear from you soon,i miss you!Goodnight!