Portable GPS

We love to navigate outdoor adventures and trails, and who would want to be lost en route? And if you use a guide, get the best one there is. Paper maps, mapquest, co-pilots, and backseat drivers are a thing of the past. Portable GPS technology uses Real time Satellite tracking and Map Data to give you reliable turn by turn directions to where you want to go, with a Simple touch-screen menus and quick-entry features. You can search points of interest, plan trips, listen to music through the integrated speaker or your own headphones and view pictures even when you're away from your truck. It is rugged, waterproof, & Lightweight - Easily transfer between vehicles, pack it for a flight or carry it in your pocket so you can take it with you anywhere. And with the advanced set, receiving a satellite signal is faster and easier with a stronger and wider search range, and quickly acquire a signal when you first turn on your receiver.

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