Fundraising ideas

The Grace Veracity Choir will be guesting at Thing’s to come mission, Phils.’ 50th anniversary early second quarter next year. There are a lot of them and given the present status, they would have to raise funds so the voice will be complete, they all can go and sing. is one of the web's leading fundraising blogs, and a source of great fundraising ideas which helps organizations fundraise. At USA Fundraising, you’ll find ideas, tips, news and advice to help you develop successful fundraising strategies. You’ll also find ideas by group type, helpful tools, information and tips, news from the field and featured charities, a fun and easy Church fundraising and school fund raising ideas. You must visit it.

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November 16, 2007 at 2:28 PM

Just remember to be careful when hiring out a third-party to do fundraising for you. Some of them charge an arm and a leg to do it, and it will give your oraganization a bad name. If I donate a $100 to a cause, and I find out the actual charity is only getting $10 of that, I'm never going to donate again. Fundraising is best done with volunteers in the local area