GreenRoad driving safety

A big percentage of deaths occur on the highways due to accidents. I had lost two cousins in an accident one day years ago. That was really devastating. Stats show that car accident are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and business fleets have accident rates that average 20% a year, so using technology to help improve safety can save lives. A cool new Silicon Valley startup company- GreenRoad has developed driver safety and risk management technologies focusing on business drivers, or fleets, and insurance companies that insure teenage drivers. GreenRoad helps reduce accident rates by measuring driving safety, detecting driving "maneuvers" to assess safety level, and then transmits them to an Internet site that lets drivers see where they need to improve, and lower costs. The technology has lowered the accident rates of its customers, reduced at-fault crashes; reduced high risk driving behavior, even decreased fuel costs. These empower drivers to manage their own safety by giving instantaneous, in-vehicle feedback—without privacy invasions. As a result, drivers are motivated to change their behavior behind the wheel. The technology instantly assesses which drivers are the highest risk--red drivers--and we work with our customers to design programs that quickly change drivers from red to green, and sustain green driving behavior over time. We will be coming home safely.

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