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Hubby makes me, from time to time, check the stock quotes any hour of the day. Sometimes I just go there to see how they are zigzagging, all those in stock market including Home Depot (HD)., a Wikipedia for investing - is a new investing research portal, that we can get so many informations from about businesses and investing. This clearly reviews businesses for the benefits of investors with no stone unturned, even bears and bulls. One of their complete and thorough researches and reviews is Home Depot. Home Depot the largest retailer of home improvement goods in the world offering products and services to end consumers as well as to professional builders, tradesmen and repairmen, and the second largest retailer in the U.S. based on 2006 revenues of $91 billion nearly doubles that of its nearest competitor, Lowe's (US$ 47 billion).

Recent increases in interest rates, the continued housing market slowdown have been a major factor behind Home Depot's recent struggles; in the most recently ended quarter (third quarter of fiscal 2008) Home Depot reported a 3.5% decrease in net sales compared with the same quarter of last year. But due to Home Depot's size and network of stores, they maintain large inventories of items through a store/warehouse system. The website is very informative that everything you need to know about the company is well research with additional financial informations. You will see it’s good to invest, with Home Depot.

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