The Mist by Stephen King

Mthe mist moviey mother-in-law used to tell me about her driving in a foggy night. Not just foggy, but real misty that visibility is zero. It’s kind of dreadful to go home in that condition and knowing that you’d better drive that time than wait for foggy and stormy night. Driving with no visibility front and back is like walking slowly with someone on your back following; raising the hairs on your neck thinking you are trapped. But I bet you love suspense and thrilling adventures, right? In Theatres everywhere Nov 21st, watch the movie The Mist by Stephen King, the legendary tale of terror from the master storyteller, and be among the large group of terrified townspeople trapped in a local grocery store by a strange otherworldly mist with things deadly and horrifying lurking in the fog. To see your enemy is one thing, but to be defenseless in not being able to see them is another. See how the thin veneer of civilization was stripped away, how the masks were discarded, and the true horror was revealed, and find out who. View the site and watch the trailer of the Mist for just a taste of what it will be like in theaters.

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